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Pinal has been a part of the industry for more than eleven years.  During his career, he has worked both in India and the US, mostly working with SQL Server Technology – right from version 6.5 to its latest form. Pinal has worked on many performance tuning and optimization projects for high transactional systems. He received his Master of Science from the University of Southern California and a Bachelors of Engineering from Gujarat University. Additionally, he holds many Microsoft certificates. He has been a regular speaker at many international events like TechEd, SQL PASS, MSDN, TechNet and countless user groups.

Pinal writes frequently writes on his blog on various subjects regarding SQL Server technology and Business Intelligence. His passion for the community drives him to share his training and knowledge. His previous experience includes Technology Evangelist at Microsoft and Sr. Consultant at SolidQ. Prior to joining Microsoft he was awarded the Microsoft MVP award for three continuous years for his outstanding community service and evangelizing SQL Server technology. He was also awarded the Community Impact Award – Individual Contributor. When he is not in front of a computer, he is usually traveling to explore hidden treasures in nature.


2003 – Master of Science (Computer Networks) – GPA 3.70
University of Southern California, Los Angeles.
2001 – Bachelor of Engineering (Electronics & Communication) – GPA 3.65
Nirma Institutes of Technology, Gujarat University, India.
2008 – Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP)
2006 – Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP)
2006 – Microsoft Certified Database Administrator (MCDBA)
2006 – Microsoft Certified Application Developer (MCAD)
2006 – Macromedia Certified ADVANCED ColdFusion MX Developer
2010 – Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT)


SQL Server 2014, 2012, 2008/R2, SQL Server 2005
Performance Tuning & Query Optimization
Database Architecture
Project Management


Leader – SQL Server User Group, Bangalore, India – Link


Technology Evangelist & Strategist – September 2012 till Present
Pluralsight. Bangalore, India

  • Developing and engaging with the broad community of developers and driving excitement around developer related technology.
  • Work closely with various corporate and their technical team to understand their requirements and needs related to technology.
  • Build and present solution based on various research and data analysis along with feedback from customer.
  • External research and assess technologies to help define opportunities, gaps and best practices to formulate strategies.
  • Develop a strategic vision and roadmap for the organization to identify and prioritize business process solutions.
  • Review current technology solutions and make recommendations based on fit with the organization’s strategic vision.
  • Perform analysis on technology, industry, vendors, market and competitive trends and business for and make findings/recommendations to the technology organization executive team.
  • Perform analysis on a start up company offerings and make findings relevant to technology organization available to executive teams.
  • Meet professional obligations through efficient work habits such as, meeting deadlines, honoring schedules, coordinating resources and meetings in an effective and timely manner, and demonstrate respect for others
  • Engage in internal and external technology forums.

Technology Evangelist – Jan 2011 till July 2012
Microsoft. Bangalore, India

  • Deeply understand the Microsoft data platform components that deliver the best development platform and infrastructure to deploy & operate the next generation of applications
  • Understand the OLTP, BI workloads as well as the corresponding front end technologies
  • Be personally passionate about data technologies, exude confidence and demonstrable skills on SQL Server technologies
  • Deeply understand the unique infrastructure technologies that provide the best deployment and operations environment that enables software development.
  • Build, develop and keep a vibrant community and connections with developers and IT pros to spread the platform message and differentiators.
  • Drive an active personal presence in the web and face to face to scale the reach of dev & IT Pros. (Blog, Social Web, Web/pod/video/casts, etc)
  • Identify and build valuable relationships with key and top influencers (individuals and organizations) that allow extending reach and influence. Including efforts of converting from non trusting believers of the platform.
  • Accelerate adoption by promoting stories, evidences of adoption among the community and a broad ecosystem of partners and customers.
  • Partner with peer evangelist to drive an integrated conversion effort spreading the word and driving examples of adoption that impact the whole ecosystem
  • Partner with Audience Marketers, PR, and Business Group Leads to plan and drive company mandates towards securing the future of the platform and contribute to audience satisfaction
  • Read more at What is Technology Evangelist

Senior Mentor – June 2009 to Jan 2011
Solid Quality India Pvt. Ltd. Mumbai, India

  • Subject Matter Expert (SME) – SQL Server and Business Intelligence
  • Delivered 100+ Hands-On-Lab (HOL) in different cities
  • Conducted various corporate trainings and workshops in several leading IT Industries (Please send me an email for the Client List and Reference)
  • Delivered numerous technical sessions in prominent technology conferences around the world
  • Implemented End-to-End Business Intelligence (BI) stack solution
  • Designed and employed complex Database Architecture; applied innovative strategies to make the database be of high availability and scalability

Principle Database Architect – March 2009 to June 2009
Digicorp Information Systems Pvt. Ltd. Ahmedabad, India

  • Introduced tactical advancements and performance improvement in Query Optimization
  • Formulated and presented new ideas through Data Model Documentation and ensured that the documentation was updated
  • Established standards for SQL installations, maintenance, tuning and coding
  • Leader in the development of our OLAP Data Warehouse Reporting Initiative
  • Provided training, mentoring, and feedback to team members to enhance communication and performance
  • Owner of the current operational data structures; have initiated optimizations and reconfigurations, as needed
  • Envisioned and presented employees’ ideas on the concepts of technologies to the Management to enhance Staff development and boost team spirit

Senior Project Manager – Nov 2008 to Feb 2009
Leading Healthcare Industry, Ahmedabad, India

  • Designed and implemented complex database architecture
  • Implemented strategies for database high availability and scalability
  • Provided leadership to employees to make the website productive
  • Researched and executed production methodologies and documented system
  • Created bug tracking database and quality assurance systems to locate and organize project assets in a short period of time
  • Proposed systems to collect, arrange, and display electronic correspondence to increase client satisfaction and management expectations

Principal Database Administrator – Jul 2004 to Oct 2008
Leading Automotive Industry, Las Vegas, USA

  • Responsible for logical and physical designs for application and database tuning
  • Leader in major activities which include advanced performance tuning, database design, and capacity planning
  • Established standards for SQL installations, maintenance, tuning, and coding standards
  • Built and executed large volumes of Leads Management System
  • Instituted Data Mining Algorithms to create excellent Self Learning Automated System
  • Designed the Single Page Application and implemented the Database Driven navigation
  • Launched and wrote Performance Tuning guidelines to enhance the quality of the product
  • Reformed a thorough backup and recovery strategy for all major production systems
  • Upgraded all SQL Server 2000 to SQL Server 2005, without any service interruption
  • Effectively trained and managed a brilliant outsourcing team in India

Teaching Assistant – Jun 2003 to Jun 2004
University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA

  • Trained and assisted over 200 students to execute class projects on various technical work
  • Teaching Assistance for courses at University of Southern California: 1) Broadband Network Architecture (500-level), 2) Introduction to Digital Electronics (100-level)

Web Developer and Database Administrator – Feb 2002 to Jun 2004
University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA

  • Proposed and employed a relational database with an outstanding Web interface
  • Created a web-based Control Panel

SELECTED PUBLICATION (Total over 3300 Articles)

  • SQL SERVER – 2008 – Interview Questions and Answers Complete List Download (Link)
  • SQL SERVER Database Coding Standards and Guidelines Complete List Download (Link)
  • SQL SERVER – Download FAQ Sheet – SQL Server in One Page (Link)
  • SQL SERVER – 2005 – Create Script to Copy Database Schema and All The Objects – Stored Procedure, Functions , Triggers, Tables, Views, Constraints and All Other Database Objects (Link)
  • SQL SERVER – Insert Multiple Records Using One Insert Statement – Use of UNION ALL (Link)
  • SQL SERVER – Import CSV File Into SQL Server Using Bulk Insert – Load Comma Delimited File Into SQL Server ( Link)


  • “Location-centric Isolation of Misbehavior and Trust Routing in Energy-constrained Sensor Networks”. IEEE Workshop on Energy-Efficient Wireless Communications and Networks (EWCN), April 2004, Phoenix, Arizona.
  • “Secure Locations: Routing on Trust and Isolating Compromised Sensors in Location-aware Sensor Networks”. ACM Sensys November 2003, Los Angeles. California.
  • “Insecure Location Avoidance and Routing on Trust in Location-aware Sensor Networks”. IEEE International Conference on Network Protocols (ICMP), November 2003, Atlanta, Georgia

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